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Entrepreneur Magazine

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the app! You've made something so horrendously boring (treadmill) an absolute joy. You made someone who HATES exercising actually look forward to getting home to use my treadmill and walk "the world". Wish I could give you guys a big hug. :)”

Lisa | California

“Best iPad® App - Health + Fitness”

Apple AppStore

“After an already grueling workout on the squash court, decided to give the BitGym Cardio workout 10 minutes... 54 minutes later, and even more drowned in sweat than from the courts, I hopped down off the treadmill with a big smile on my face. REALLY GREAT STUFF”

Rory | Ireland

“I have to say I LOVE IT— the scenery is beautiful, the coaching is fantastic… I love the sprints!”

Darshan | California

“This exercise App is Different. Really”


“Takes the boredom out of gym exercise by giving you a virtual view to look at”

Stephen Fry | Gadget Man

“Winner of Best Technology”

Augmented Reality World Expo

“4 ways to get more out of your treadmill workout”

Huffington Post

“I’ve found that the BitGym videos are a great motivational aid. Not only do they provide the visual sensation of cycling outside, they’ve motivated me to do some exploring of places in real life! Motivational and inspirational - can’t beat that!”

Bruce | Alaska

“Thank you so much for developing this wonderful product. In addition to physical exercise, “hiking” the trails helps me clear my head and that rejuvenates my soul!”

Gail | Boston

“What a fabulous invention you have - I LOVE IT! Scenery is beautiful, and I love how the speed adjusts to my pace. A+++++. Thank you - I am walking much longer and happier with this App”

Laurel | Michigan

“I only used the gym twice before BItGym, now I find myself using it twice a week with the aid of the gorgeous BitGym trails… with the multitude of different interesting trails to choose from, I’ve been able to increase my average workout to 1-2 hours! I love that I can be at the gym longer and more often, now that I have BItGym motivating me.”

Marissa | California

“I used to use ifit... but this is so much better for graphics and speed”


“BitGym gave me lots of motivation to use my cross-training exercise bike at home! It provides me with a great feeling of freedom watching all this beautiful scenery during workout, and feeling like I am in nature or in a beautiful city away from Europe! Thank you all so much!”

Maria | Athens

“The BitGym tours allow me to virtually travel the world while getting in the best shape of my life! I used to dread doing my cardio exercise, but with BitGym it is the highlight of my day!”

Taylor | Naples, FL

“After I started getting serious about running and biking in the great outdoors, I didn’t think there was any way I could ever again enjoy doing these in a gym. Thanks to BitGym, I no longer dread indoor workouts!”

Jami | Arizona

“I use a Schwinn Airdyne with a reading stand. Watching BitGym has helped me to focus on the video & not the monitor on the bike. Thank you for creating BitGym. It helps me to stay focused on exercising”

Kathy | Illinois

“One year ago I weighed 250 pounds, and now I'm at 185. Part of my life change includes stationary bike routine on my Sole SB900. Spinning is so much more enjoyable because of the beautiful BitGym tours and coached sessions. Thank you BitGym for turning my exercise routines into an enjoyable experience!”

Andre | Maine

Immerse Yourself with world tours which combine speed interactive progress, natural sounds from the environment and location specific facts.

Bring a guide to push yourself with location specific intensity training and integrated playlists or select a normal tour to progress at your own cadence.

Use any bike, elliptical or treadmill by simply playing your phone or tablet on the magazine rack or a shelf direct behind it.

See it big on your television via HDMI, Chromecast or Apple TV. See details here.

Stream or download each tour. Streaming gets you in action fast while downloading lets you work out even without wifi.

No hardware to configure - our patented tracking system utilizes the front camera on your phone or tablet to “see” your exericse motion. See details here.

Keep a log of your steps, cadence and calories inside the app as well as export data to Apple Health and others.

Calorie and heartrate tracking let you train smarter. Bluetooth Smart HRMs are supported (iOS only).

Get in the shape of your life for less than $2 a week

BitGym pricing is simple: try it in the limited free mode or upgrade to paid membership to remove all restrictions. Premium membership is just $7.99 USD per month. Tap below to start using it for free.