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What happens when I buy a membership?

Once the purchase is confirmed you or your giftee will be sent a Lifetime Membership code as a link. Navigate to this link in a web browser to redeem the code and associate it with a BitGym account. This code can be redeemed on any BitGym account to promote it to Lifetime status.

What do you mean, "lifetime"?

We really mean the lifetime of the recipient. In a world where apps and products come and go and companies get acquired and shut down every week, BitGym has been holding strong since we launched over 6 years ago alongside the first iPads and Android tablets. We are still the same team working full-time for nearly a decade taking you on more exciting journeys each year than the last, and we promise we will do our best to keep our word on this one.

I’m already a BitGym premium member, and just paid for membership this month/year. Can I get my money back?

When you apply a Lifetime membership code to a BitGym account, you are entitled to a “prorated” refund of your existing subscription.
For example, if
- you paid $75 for 1 year on November 15 2019 (premium through November 1 2020),
- apply the Lifetime code to your account on November 30 2019;
Then you are eligible for a refund for November 30 2019-November 1 2020 (351 days out of 366 days billing period), which will equal $75 * 351/366 = $71.92.

If you are eligible, please follow up with us after applying your coupon to your BitGym account.

How will I receive the personalized advice?

Within 7 days of redeeming the Lifetime code on a BitGym account, we will reach out over email to the email address on file for that account (which could be a gift recipient) to schedule a 30 minute call. The call must be scheduled to take place before February 1st 2020. Doing this call is entirely optional on the customer’s part.

I bought it but still need help redeeming my offer.

If you have an issue after purchasing please just forward the purchase confirmation email containing your lifetime membership code to [email protected].

If I am dissatisfied, can I get a refund?

As with all purchases from BitGym, you are eligible for a no-questions-asked full refund within 30 days of making your purchase. Just get in touch with us at the link below.

I have another question.

If you have any further questions regarding lifetime content, please get in touch over our support portal or just reply to the email you got from us.

See Lifetime Membership terms & conditions