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“After I started getting serious about running and biking in the great outdoors I didn't think there was any way I could every again enjoy doing either of these in a gym. But, luckily I found BitGym after a running injury sent me indoors for rehab workouts on my stationary bike and treadmill. Now I connect my iPhone to my 32" flatscreen, stream BitGym to it and run or bike virtually through some of the most beautiful locations in the world! Thanks to BitGym I no longer dread indoor workouts.”

Jami | Arizona

“I live in Alaska where the winters are long, and the cycling season is less than 6 months. Staying motivated to work out on an exercise bike during the winter can be difficult at times. I've found that the BitGym videos are a great motivational aid. Not only do they provide the visual sensation of cycling outside, they've motivated me to do some exploring of places in real life! I've been to Arches National Park several times, but missed some of the arches seen in the Arizona ride. I also hadn't thought about traveling to Joshua Tree National Park to ride. Motivational and inspirational - can't beat that!”

Bruce | Alaska

“I only used the gym in my apartment twice before BitGym, now I find myself using it twice a week with the aid of the gorgeous BitGym trails. The longest I could stay in the gym before was half an hour, but with the multitude of different interesting trails to choose from I've been able to increase my average workout to 1-2 hours! I love that I can be at the gym longer and more often now I have BitGym motivating me.”

Marissa | California

“As a dietician I believe that exercise has a very important role in order to achieve and maintain a healthy weight and overall well-being. Bitgym gave me lots of motivation to use my cross-training exercise bike at home! It provides me with a great feeling of freedom watching all this beautiful scenery during workout and feeling like I am exercising away from home, in nature or in a beautiful city away from Europe! Its an idea that I had in mind a few years ago and finally you guys created it!! I will definitely recommend it to all my clients and my friends to increase their motivation exercising at home or in the gym! Thank you all so much!”

Maria | Athens, Greece

“Takes the boredom out of gym exercise by giving you a virtual view to look at”

Stephen Fry | Gadget Man

“What a fabulous invention you have. I LOVE it! Scenery is beautiful, and I love how the speed adjusts to my pace. A+++++.
Thank you - I am walking much longer and happier with this app.”

Laurel | Michigan

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