Add hardware free exercise detection to your apps.

Our SDK uses the camera and accelerometer to detect the exercise speed and body position of users on bikes, treadmills and ellipticals.
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Just agree to the prototyping terms and conditions, and download the SDK.

v1.4 created 2013-05-07
  1. You must secure distribution rights from us before you release your app. Pricing information is lower down the page.

The Future of Exercise

Cardio machines are conveinent but they are worse than boring. Interactive apps can make them engaging, fun and social.
Our CardioSDK Brochure contains a dozen app and game types, market research, and design recommendations.
View CardioSDK Brochure
See our example app Fit Freeway

Efficient & Cross Platform

Our tracking code is a 400kB C++ library with wrappers available for iOS, Android and Unity3D. It uses minimal CPU, has low latency, and requires no calibration.


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